Automate your Telegram referral program with Protodrop.

Launching April 2018


Seamless “Log in with Telegram” functionality

Our best in market integration ensures minimal drop off and 100% payout of Telegram referrals. Users without Telegram usernames are handled by user ID.

Customisable landing pages

Logo, cover image, color scheme, subdomain and copy all fully customisable.

Provide users with unique referral links

Links direct referred users to join your referral program before referring, driving exponential growth.

Hosted & Embeddable

All pages hosted on our secure servers. End to end process can be embedded on your ICO homepage using one line of Javascript.

Automated management of referral program

Each referral generated by this ‘set and forget’ solution will be verified and recorded. A report, in your preferred format, will be generated at the end of the program to be used for reconciliation.

User statistics

Although referrals can be capped at a specific number, all user statistics are captured and provided at the end of your referral program to allow targeting of highly engaged users